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Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning is an important habit that requires your concern and attention as a Florida homeowner. Numerous studies have shown that dryer vent fire is one of the main reasons for every home fire that occurs in the US. You will realize the significance of regular annual dryer vent cleaning ritual once you recognize the fact that lint trap of your dryer stops or removes 80% of the accumulated lint. If you have been frantically searching for a quality dryer vent cleaning Tampa company, your search comes to an end with Nitpicky Cleaning. One of Tampa’s most reputable cleaning service providers, NitPicky Cleaning has earned its distinction for customized residential and commercial exterior cleaning services.

It is extremely important to understand the magnitude of a faulty dryer vent and that it exponentially increases the risk of fire hazard in your house. Dryer vent cleaning is a task you should annualize into your home maintenance or “honey do” list. To determine how often your vent requires cleaning, you should have exact idea about the basic functional aspects of the machine and how much use your clothes dryer receives. Obviously, the greater the use, the more frequent the cleanings should be. Whether the dryer has short vents or long ones, if the device is a small stack dryer or a full size big dryer, old or new, twisted and upturned vents or short and straight vents - all these are the main components of a dryer vent and each of the criterion just mentioned determines the amount of lint that will get trapped between your dryer outlet and the outside vent.

It is also important to note that too much lint buildup can also lead to parts malfunctions in your dryer so regular dryer vent cleaning will reduce wear and tear as well.

At NitPicky Cleaning we have effectively cleaned, treated, and repaired innumerable dryer vents to the satisfaction of even the most meticulous customers. Dryer vent cleaning Tampa has reached a new level of success with our expertise in the domain and a huge client-base of satisfied repeat users. We offer an expansive range services in dryer vent cleaning so that you have the alternative to opt for any particular package depending on your requirement and budget.

Our cleaning procedure involves two imperative categories - the more serious ‘problem cleaning’ and the periodic ‘routine cleaning’. Implemented in the fields of commercial as well as residential requirements, the scale, size, and use of the dryer vent determines the rigorousness of the cleaning program. As part of our dryer vent cleaning Tampa services, we specialize in both these areas.

The problem cleaning techniques are performed when any individual dryer simply slows down its drying process. Our solution involves options like installing new blower, brush, blow, vacuum, and if required, totally dismantle the old dryer vent. The routine cleaning, on the other hand, are targeted for improving their consistent performance with help of compressed, high-pressure air tools. This method is undertaken for cleaning of residential vents in condominiums and apartments.

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