Brick Paver Sealing

Most people have their brick pavers sealed every three to five years.

Brick paver driveways and patios add beauty to your property but just like anything else, needs to be maintained. Brick paver sealing is extremely important if you want to extend the durability and endurance of your pavers at your home or office. Exposure to the elements of sun and water fades the color as well as affects the surface of the paver. Brick paver sealers are specifically designed coatings that function as protection from environmental hazards. Also, as water repellant, the sealing safeguards the texture of the blocks and stones.

If you choose NitPicky, we will provide the following key advantages of our service:

* Protect and seal your pavers from ultra violet degradation and color fading
* Enhance the appearance of your pavers
* Stabilize and solidify the sand in between every individual paver stone.
* Helps to keep mold and weeds gone for a longer period of time.

Do you need brick pavers installed?
We recommend calling Rockstone Brick Pavers at 813-760-1266.

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